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We have listings for Festivals, Clubs and Schools in many dance styles: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango or Zouk. It is totaly free to use, so list your events today!

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In almost every city in the world, tucked away in its corners there are great bars, where you can hear fantastic music and dance with friendly people. There are also talented teachers from whom you can learn, and amazing festivals with dancers from all around the world.
If you love dancing as much as we do, then you know that whenever you travel it can be really hard to find those perfect places to go dancing. The places where they dance the style you like, where the music and the floor are just perfect, and the events haven't been canceled a year ago. It is also hard to work out which festivals to attend, where the DJs are good and there is enough room to dance. You always waste so much time on google, when you would rather be dancing.
At bailaqui we have one mission, to help you find those places.
Bailaqui was created by passionate dancers because we wanted an easy way to access this information. We hope you find it as useful as we do.
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You can use Bailaqui to keep the whole world up to date with what is going on.

Make your events easy to find through our Website, Mobile Web, Facebook App, iPhone and Android apps.

You just need to update the information through our easy to use management interface, and it becomes available everywhere.
It's free and always will be.
Just log in and start submitting your events.
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We can build you a custom app that will help people discover your event and get all the latest news, schedule and workshop information.

1) Open another channel to sell tickets.
2) Save on Printing Costs.
3) Have your logo on peoples phones.
4) Communicate directly with your customers.
5) Let people discover your event in the App store.
6) Generate social hype with our mobile event chat rooms.

You can easily manage the App data using our specialized 'Dance Festival App Manager.'

This is the future of event management, the sooner you get your event in the App store, the sooner you start to benefit.
In our online dance shoe shop you will find a selection of dance shoes made for comfort and style. We design shoes ourselves, and we seek out shoe models that we feel are both stylish and suitable for enjoying a complete night of dancing. If you have any questions about our shoes don't be afraid to contact us.
We are always looking for partners to do cross-promotion of our website, apps and dance shoes. Check out our partners page for links and banners for promotion. Don't be afraid to contact us with questions or proposals.
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