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Pachanga is a brilliant, funky and stylish sub-genre of Latin dance that is spreading around the world.

Pachanga is danced to a particular subgenre of Latin jazz that emphasizes the on-beats of the music, it is up-tempo groove and the dance style reflects this.

Pachanga is being promoted and developed by international dance stars like Eddie Torres, Melissa Rosado, Juan Matos and Adolfo Indacochea. Their workshops around the world are spreading pachanga dancing far and wide. But, of it all seems too hard and fast to keep up with: fast complicated footwork, syncopated movements and loads of people standing in front of you then we can help you.

In this App we show you the fundamental components of dancing Pachanga in three easy steps.

1) Understand how Pachanga footwork works.

2) Understand how Pachanga body movement fits the music.

3) Put it all together and dance the Pachanga.

It is that simple. Once you have started learning you will be travelling to festivals around the world, following
Eddie Torres and learning everything you can about this amazing dance.