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Beijing is the bustling noisy capital of China. It is flat and huge, full of massive wide roads, chaotic traffic and shops that are never closed. In winter it the ground is covered with snow and ice and in the middle of summer it can be lashed by dust storms that turn the layer the city into a hazy brown cloud.

As Beijing has grown its economic ties with the rest of the world it has also begun exploring some of the cultures and interests of the global urban community. One of these is a growing Latin dance scene, populated by young healthy, well educated Chinese men and women who enjoy Latin music and meeting new people.

There are several long running salsa events which you can depend on being active when you visit, there you will meet people and find out about what other events mights be happening around the city. Note that it is really hard to find places by their address in Beijing. We have made sure our GPS coordinates for the clubs listed here are accurate, but you might find that the GPS on your phone is not perfect in China (at least that was our experience).

Your most reliable stop for a dance in Beijing is Salsa Caribe. Keep in mind that you will not find dedicated dancers every night of the week. Some nights are more of a general Latino music night (Regaton and Merengue) it might just be people drinking cocktails and dancing in groups. The best night for dedicated Salsero's is

There is a relatively new Salsa event running on Tuesday nights at The World of Suzie Wong. This is a really classy venue, with private booths and swanky decor. You will find a more dedicated salsa crowd, but a much smaller dance floor.

There is a great salsa party at the dance school Latinize on Friday evenings. This is the best weekly party for dedicated salseros, it is possibly the best wooden floor I have ever danced on. The people are really firendly and they just love their dancing.

Enjoy your time dancing in Beijing.

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