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Berlin is a complicated city, full of artists and troublemakes, but also a new breed of German entrepreneurs. Every corner you turn reveals some new piece of history, ambitious architecture or daring art project. You will find great street performers, cheap eats and quirky bars all over the city. It is an awesome insight into the future of Europe and I am sure you wil love every moment.

You have no doubt heard about the following must see locations across the city:

Reichstag Building

Jewish Monument

Brandenburg Gate

But Berlin has a lot more to offer than these important mementos of history. Here are our lesser-well-know must-see locations in Berlin.

Spreepark: An abandoned theme park, you might need to break in to have a look around, but it is worth it.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport: An abandoned airport in the middle of the city you can go in and cycle or skateboard around in. Buildings are fine examples of nazi architecture.

Computerspielemuseum: The Berlin computer game museum. Say-no-more!

Mustafas Gemüsekebap: Berlin is full of great turkish food, but this place is the best. The locals know it as well so be prepared to wait.

Let us know if we missed anything.

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