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Have you heard about a dance called Brazilian Zouk?

It goes by a bunch of other names as well. Some people call it Lambada Zouk, or Rio-Zouk, or Modern Zouk, or Neo-Zouk. All these names refer to basically the same dance, a modern Brazilian dance style that is growing in the international Latin Dance scene.

Brazilian zouk emerged when several of Brazil's most talented lambada dancers began experimenting with changing the dance to suit different music. It began with the modern Zouk Love music that was coming out of France, a combination of Caribbean zouk music with modern RnB music. It is soft and sensual music featuring a strong rythym and lots of stringed instruments and keyboards.

Since its beginings this dance style has grown immensely, influences have been drawn from contemporary dance, hip hop and modern jazz, as well as bits and pieces from other latin styles like Tango and Salsa. It is a very exciting time for this dance, many different styles are emerging around the world and the scene is growing all the time. At advanced levels there is lots of opportunity for improvisation and play. It can be very close and sensual, or it can be open and full of lots of complicated turns patterns.

We always state clearly when posting about learning to dance that you should try and find a local dance school. But,... we understand that you might be shy about learning in front of strangers. So in this post we will explain to you the basic steps of the dance so you can practice a little bit at home.

The footwork we will teach is the Leader (men's) timing. Followers typically start moving in the opposite direction.

Start: Start the dance standing with your feet side-by-side, but a comfortable distance apart from each other. Shift all your weight a little onto your right left, so the left is just touching the ground.

One: Take a long step back ward with your left on count 'One'. Transfer all your weight onto that left foot and let your right foot trail along the ground.

Two: Hold your postion as you count 'two.' You should feel like the 'One' is very drawn out.

Three: On count three place your right foot slightly behind your left. This is a little step backward and all your weight should be shifted onto the right foot.

Four: On count 'Four' you transfer your weight forward onto the left foot. Keep your feet where they are but bring your body forward as you whole body weight comes onto the left foot.

Five: Take a long step forward with your right foot as you count 'Five.' Your left foor should be trailing behind you on the ground.

Six: Hold your position on count 'Six.' Your weight should remain over your right foot and your left foot should still be behind you.

Seven: Step your left forward slightly on count 'Seven.' Your weight should be transfered onto the left foot and your right foot should remain behind you.

Eight: On count 'Eight' transfer all your weight back onto the right foot, leaving your left foot free to move again as your return back to count 'One.'

Once you arrive at beat 8, you will be back at your starting position. The whole pattern starts again by stepping to backward with your left foot on the 'One.'

Practice this pattern at home, put on some slow Zouk Love music like Kaysha and practice it with your partner.

If you really want to learn how to dance in the comfort of your own home then try one of our Dance instruction Apps.