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Barcelona is one of the most magical cities in the world. You can visit the beach in the centre of the city, hire a bike and cycle around the numerous historical landmarks. You can view phenomenal architectural achievments, or simply enjoy the beauty of every day life in Catalunia. The food is amazing and varied, the people come in equal variety. As long as you keep your valuables close to you and watch out for pickpockets you will have a brilliant time.

As you might expect, Barcelona is a fanataistic city for Latin dancing, with a vibrant salsa scene as well as more modern Latin dances crazes like Zouk and Kizomba. The salsa scene has been traditionally dominated by Cuban style, partly because many of the migrants from south America dance this style in a kind of Cuban/Columbian/Cumbia hybrid. There are venues where you will not find a single Puerto Rican or LA/NY dancer. It is also challenging to find somewhere to dance in Barcelona because venues come and go with alarming regularity. I have quite literally crossed the city several times looking for a dance club that wasn't closed down.

So in this little blog post we will give you the run-down on the most regular and reliable venues to try as of right now (Sept 2014).

If you are a lover of Cuban style, or you just want to see the core of Barcelona's Salsa Scene, then you have to visit both Antilla and Agua de Luna. Both venues have been running for a long time. They are open most nights of the week, and the run regular classes before the social dancing starts in the evenings. Be warned that they tend to open late, and they usually avertise free entry with a drink. Which means you pay an entrance fee and get a drink in return.

If you are only interested in CBL/Linear styles of salsa, then you will need to visit one of the newer venues. Currently, the hotspots are: Escencia Salsa Club, Club Dio and El Manicero

There are lots of Salsa schools in Barcelona Baila mi Ritmo will teach you Cuban style, as will the teachers at Agua de Luna. You can learn LA style from the teachers at El Manisero. New York style is not as popular in Spain in general, you will find that a small number of the CBL dancers have picked it up and gotten passionate about it.

Enjoy you time dancing in Barcelona.

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