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Amsterdam may be famous for its marijuana cafes, red light district and asymetric buildings. But you should also know that it is one of the hot beds of Latin dance in Europe.

There are a disproportionate number of amazing dancers from the Netherlands, and Amsterdam is the center of the scene. It is worth your while to take some time out from sightseeing to get in some social dancing.

Every Friday night you will find people dancing at Salsa Club Mystique.

On Fridays and Saturdays you will also find many people dancing at either De Kroon or La Margarita.

If you need to pick up some lessons, or want to meet some local dancers in a class, then head on over to either La Salsa or Salsamsterdam, the names say it all.

Don't forget there are two big salsa festivals in Amsterdam every year now.

The Amsterdam International Salsa Congress and the Amsterdam Salsa Festival

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