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Bangkok is an amazing city, filled with ancient temples, palaces, street markets and an incredible canal system with taxi boats that can help you get where you are going. Backpackers tend to congregate in the Kaoshan district where there are all many bars and accomodation for all budgets.

If you are a dedicated Salsero you might have a litle difficulty finding the salsa clubs and events, because they are spread across the city in districts that are not so tourist focused. The scene is quite small, but you can manage to dance almost every night of the week. So fear not, we will explain how you can get your Salsa addiction fix and survive in Bangkok.

Rumpuree is high quality dance school in Bangkok. They operate out of a studio in Amarin Plaza, near Chitlom station. They teach linear NY style salsa, as well as Bachata, Tango and other dances. They also run weekly social events around the city.

Ok so your weekly salsa schedule in Bangkok is as follows: on Monday you go to Spanish on 4 to dance some Bachata and get warmed up for the week. On Tuesday's you head back to Spanish on 4 and dance some Salsa (and a little Bachata). On Wednesday you head to a place called Above 11 in The Frasier Suites and dance a mixture of Salsa and Bachata with Latino Sabotage.

On Thursday you take a break. What? Of course not. You head to the club/school La Rueda and dance salsa until you fall over. This bar has a low roof and gets really packed, but it has that old school salsa club feeling. You will find people dancing all styles, and you will need to keep and eye on your space, but it is a good fun place to dance.

When you get to Friday it is time to join the Latino Sabotage team again and dance Salsa in Zak's Wine Bar.

On Saturday, you head back to La Rueda, and when you get to Sunday (if you don't need a rest) then you head back to where you started at Spanish on 4 and finish off with more Salsa and Bachata.

If you are lucky enough to be in Bangkok toward the end of the year then you need to check out Salsa Bangkok Festival. It is now over a week long event, with the second weekend somewhere outside of the city where you can enjoy beaches and a bit of chill out time.

Enjoy your time dancing in Bangkok!

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