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Berlin is a great city, large, filled with amazing architecture, art galleries and interesting clubs. It also has a thriving Latin dance community. The Tango scene is famous around the world, but the salsa scene is also thriving in its own right.

There are a number of regular and long standing weekly salsa events in Berlin. The omnipresent Havana Club is alive with Salsa dancers every Friday and Wednesday night. The other regular club is Soda Club, with a regular Tuesday night Cuban style salsa party.

There is also a weekly salsa party called Mambo Cafe at the dance school La Mambita every Sunday in the late afternoon. It is a great one for On2 dancers, good music and great floor.

In the summer you will find a bunch of make-shift beaches in the centre of the city. Some of these hold salsa parties in the evenings.

If you are looking to start learning how to salsa or add a few moves and techniques to your repertoire there are schools galore. If you are looking to learn cross body style salsa then you have a few choices Azucar, Cumbancha, La Mambita, and Zapatissimo are all rally good schools run by great people.

If Cuban style salsa is your thing then check out the schools Estudio Sudamerica or Salsa con Corazon.

There are also two big Salsa festivals in Berlin every year: Salsa Convention Berlin, and Berlin Salsa Congress.

Enjoy dancing in Berlin!

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