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Sydney has one of the most active salsa scenes in the world. There are schools run by internationally recognised dancers, and loads of regular parties and festivals.

The scene, like many cities, is split between the cuban and CBL or linear dancers. All of the parties tend to be one or the other, some dancers migrate between the parties, but it is not common.

You will find a very healthy On2 scene, although not as strong as the European scene. There is a lot of emphasis on performance in Australia which affects the way people social dance, but you will have a lot of fun as long as you avoid crowded dance floors.

If you dance CBL linear style salsa then the best social dancing night by far is Mambo Nights at Bar 100.

There is also a bi-annual event called
Salsa Palladium. This is not to be missed, live music and loas of dancers.

As far as dance schools go there are plenty to choose from: Latin Junction, Latin Dance Australia, Salsa Republic, and Tropical Soul.

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