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Terezije bb, 71000
Bosnia and Herzegovina
387 33 211-016
'Dom mladih' was built as an integral part of the Center Skenderija, an area of ​​over 7000 square meters, whose purpose was to build a quality foundation of cultural life, bringing in Sarajevo by a world renowned cultural events. Thus this city for the first time got the facility where the creativity of young people came to the fore. Dancing with the hall that could accommodate up to 2000 per sjetilaca, amphitheater with 250 seats and a disco club 'Cactus' (which would later change its name to a symbolic 'Vucko') 'Dom mladih' was one of the most modern buildings of this type in the former Yugoslavia and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, during the war in May 1992. This year, the building was set on fire while the city suffered considerable damage. In order to 'Youth' again put into operation, the Center 'Skenderija' Sarajevo Canton Sarajevo, 1999. The project they have done this adaptation and rehabilitation facility. In 2005. The start work on obovate and rehabilitation. It is a completely new space, modern concept and interior design, which is equipped with the most modern technology.

Ballroom is coated acoustic woodwork, and there was also a modern lighting, and carriers that produce quality sound. The intention is to 'Youth' restore traditional wedding, freshman night, declaring graduates, former 'Red Carnation', and this area will also be the venue of various promotions, music events, concerts and the like.

It's been over 20 years since the Olympic Games and more than 10 years since the end of the war, but people in Europe and around the world continue to recognize Sarajevo and BiH mainly in that. Young people need more optimism and willingness to 'better tomorrow' and the world needs to hear new and positive stories from Sarajevo, because 'Dom mladih' re-open our doors and provide youth the opportunity to express their creativity and to be active participants in the events in this cultural center .

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